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1972 Easter Offensive

1972 Easter Offensive

This Marine was near Dong Ha and Alpha-2 when the Soviet made tanks rolled across the DMZ. He laid out and called in the supporting NGF for "Ripley at the bridge." JD is an outstanding Marine. This will ship tomorrow.

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JD was with the rescue team that extracted the Marines from Alpha 2. Doc Williamson was awarded the Silver Star for his actions. One Marine was MIA, never recovered. This was long after there were supposedly no Americans remaining in ICORPS. That tradition continues, with our ANGLICO Marines deployed to areas where we don't exist. I send them stuff whenever I can.

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Love it! My only regret in life is not joining up. I respect all branches of service but the Marines hold a special place of honor with me.

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Brother CAS14,

Thank you for what you do for the Corps and your Patriotism! Even though I spent 26 years in the Army, the Corps missed out, as the recruiting Gunny either had a bad night in the sack or met his quota. When he found out that I was not a citizen, told me can't use you, see that Army recruiter next door. Saw him, filled out some paper work!

I too hold our Marines in high esteem!

If you would email me at: [email protected] I would be proud to also send your Marine Cpl. a cane that was made for me by a Friend, to show my appreciation for his service in the Corps. What really would be great, had I known about this earlier, today 29 March is the 55th Anniversary of Vietnam Veterans Day!

Wishing you a Very & Safe Happy Easter week-end!

Looking forward to receiving an email from you my Brother from a different Mother!!



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