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General Information

I use a lot of 2x's to make unique walking sticks. Once dry, they're cheap and you don't feel horrible if it doesn't turn out quite right.

I layout the design, then cut it out using my jig saw, though my bandsaw often gets pulled into the fray. After that, a 3/4" round-over bit turns the rough stick into a 1-1/2" dowel.

Mixed into with the 2x sticks are yardsale closet dowel rescues.

The two tone stick is some maple and mahogany I laminated for that purpose.

Regarding the stick with the spirals, the grooves were roughed in using my drill press and about a 1/2" Forstner bit. I set the depth stop, clamped a block to the table to push the stick against, for stability, then drilled away. I just freehanded shooting for a rough 45 degree run.

Once done, I used the Foredom and a large grinder bit to clean the grooves up.

The one with a string is a dowel with through holes done via the drill press. It sat around for a while before it dawned on me I could use some of the paracord I had laying around to give it a unique look.

I call the really crooked, bent stick The Judge. The one with smaller bends is The Attorney.



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