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General Information

When I lived on the coast (Pacific Beach, Washington), we'd wander off into the forest chasing berries and other things that could be consumed if the fan got really dirty. Often, the best berry was just inches out of reach.

I enjoy solving [some] problems, so figured something that would allow us to pull a berry vine to us would be a good idea. As I schemed the design, it dawned on me something to carry bags would be a fun add, as would be a hand hole on top. Unique seemed a good idea too.

I decided to use a 2x4 to make this happen. A carpenters pencil helped me rough in the course design. After that, it was just a matter of attacking the 2x with my jig saw and router.

To this day, I am pleased with the design. In fact, a couple years after I made this, the Hobbit movie came out and I'm betting I could have sold several of these, or their variations.