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  1. Homemade/HandCrafted Walking Sticks
    These Ribbon twist canes are made with a hand-cranked mill Using a 2in double flute straight bit, with two passes with a 7in step. are they still Hand made?
  2. Homemade/HandCrafted Walking Sticks
    I just completed a hiking staff out of Eastern Red Cedar that will be a gift for my mentor in K9 Search and Rescue. We go trekking through very harsh country full of cliffs and briars with many snakes, and hiking sticks are considered a valuable set of gear. Last time she didn’t have a stick I...
  3. Christmas Wood Spirit

    Made from a recycled Christmas tree.
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi every one just seen this site on a link from the Slingshot forum any one who is a member on there will no me better as Milbro pro shot uk For the people who dont know me ,I am a foundry man who makes castings in all manner of metals from lead to gold by sand cast or lost wax As a pass...
1-4 of 4 Results