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I've mentioned here previously finding sticks laying on the ground at a property here in town that appears to have been zoned "Residential" at one time . . . there are "cuts" in the curb for future driveways but the property has never been developed so ancient and HUGE trees are still on the property. So I've picked up many sticks (just ahead of the chopper) and found most of them useful.

This past week, looking for something else, I snooped around on Google maps and found it - this is the place where I drive in/part and pick-up-sticks. The tree closest to the curb is the American Elm - and it's in very sad condition - stricken with Dutch Elm disease - many of the even large limbs have lost their bark. It really should be taken down but I'm doing my best to get my pick of the litter first. :cool:

This cane needed much-more-than-the-average stick because of the lichen and a rather deep split - but in spite of that the piece was SOLID . . . so I figured it had potential. I hope I never come to the place where I feel I must "time" the work I put into these canes. . . or it would no longer be fun. (Does that make sense? I KNOW I could not make a decent living doing this.)

Here's five pictures - Only three more to go until that Magic Number - :cool:


ps - I hope you have a SUPER Sunday.


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