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I've been using the Holiday off work to finish a few sticks -

Most of the sticks I give away to freinds and family. for the past few years I've been donating a few to auction off in charity events - they are always are a hot topic at these events. If I wanted to sell them I could get quite a few here each year.

Most of my sticks are fre form wood sticks - I'm not a carver yet. I started making a couple for me to hike with when I shed hunt antlers - and another couple for shooting supprt when I hunt. from there I started making more as something to do in the winter months.

Here's a couple that are done -

Wood Gold Twig Animal product Natural material

Also here's the Hornbeam one I did. It was growing in amoungst thick ceders and was tall and straight - and much older than one would think becasue it was stunted.

Dartboard Darts Wood Musical instrument Plucked string instruments

I've been playing with different ways of making a "tag" - I've been slicing the sticks into 1/4" tags from the stick when I start - and putting the date and my name on them - rather than on the stick. The tag on the picture above is just threaded on to the lanyard.

The tag on the cedar below is done like a bolo tie - and on can tighten and loosen the lanyard around your wrist with the "tag". Its made me think of other - lanyard mechanisms that might be beads or polished metal in design.

Wood Storage basket Natural material Religious item Artifact

thanks for looking - and sharing your ideas here -

Sean M.


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Nice looking free form sticks there Sean! I'm sure all are very happy recipients who get one. I particularly like the date tags your putting on your sticks. I think it's a good idea for all of us stick makers to put your mark and date on.

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Nice looking batch there Sean.

I like the tag idea. I have been looking for a way to sign my pieces without disfiguring the wood. I have been wood burning my initials on the lower end of the sticks.
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