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A few questions from a new guy....

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Hi...I have a few "wood" questions that I'd love some guidence on. The last couple weeks Ive been out in the woods gathering some potential walking stick and cane materials. They say a year per inch on the drying so I've gathered a few different species with the goal of making multile hiking-type sticks....some to be carved, some to be burned/decorated, and some to just plain sand and finish. I've picked up sassafras, a red barked pine (not native I don't think), oak, maple, black walnut, black locust, hazelnut,a few unknowns, and ailanthis. Assuming that I eventually stop the bleeding from these catbriar scratches I will set these up to dry for the winter. So here's my questions:

1) which wood species would you say would be best for the finishing...the burning...or the carving?

2) I have some specimens that need a little bit of straightening for my liking.....once secured to a rigid board and wedged up to remove some of the "wow", will the wood dry straighter you think?

Again, I appreciate any help/opinions...I'm very green. I plan to fiddle with some basswood and easier carving stuff while these dry........thanks.......Glenn
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"I know that isn't too helpfull..."

ah, one good thing about being new is EVERYTHING someone with more experience says can be helpful.

Darker wood..contrast...burning.......ya, kinda obvious so why didn't I think that? LOL.....thanks.

So...looks like I'll be spending the weekend stripping and securing and storing.......and the winter futzing around on practice woods and reading. I appreciate the info guys................Glenn
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