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A hickory question

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While sanding on Cane #55 - Hickory - last evening I noticed something unusual. That's one of the advantages I have found sanding these marvelous future canes up-close-and-personal, here in my recliner. I've got them RIGHT HERE rather than clamped in a vise at waist level or whatever.

This stick has what appears to be almost a "rust" thread running almost the full length. It would have been in the bark, for I'm now sanding away the underbark and it's quite evident - and beautiful, I think, adding so much character. I want to leave it in place, not sand it away.

Anybody got any idea what this might be?



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Earlier today I was very careful to not sand-away the mark, then coated it with American Walnut.

That is going to be SPECTACULAR some day.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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