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Here's how it can go when you have absolutely no plan.
I was rummaging through a box of components (toppers, handles, assorted pieces of leathers etc.) for making canes and walking sticks. I stumbled upon an old antique brass handle that I picked up somewhere about 10 or 12 years ago and shoved in the box and put it on a shelf. I usually work with natural sticks but for this handle I thought it needed a straight shaft. In looking around the garage I found an old wooden paint roller extension hanging off a nail on a wall. Thinking that would work just fine for a cane I cut what I thought was the right length. Yep, I cut it too short! So I added another 4 inches back on and that made it too long for a cane but I liked the look of it so decided to make a walking stick.
The shaft was very plain, no graining or character at all. It kind of had that dowel look.
So I painted it black then sanded it out leaving some faint streaks all around.
Then when it came to stain it I went for a golden color to go with the brass. Oak
turned out too light as did American walnut. So I ended up staining it over again with dark walnut and that gave me the tone I was looking for. I rubbed in a coat of Minwax to finish it. I must say I'm happy with it and it was all "DO AS I GO!"
Only thing is, I can't decide whether to polish the brass or leave it in its aged state.


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