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Absolute novice

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Earlier this year I picked up a piece of wood (willow) from the side of the canal that looked ideal for a walking stick.I stripped the bark from it,sanded it & moulded the handle with a wire brush attachment on an angle grinder.I then charred some areas with a blowtorch & waxed the whole thing.I was quite pleased with the result.

I've since read that sticks should be 'seasoned' for about a year before being worked on.Also that willow is not recommended for walking sticks/canes and that bark should be left on.I find willow extremely easy to work when wet & looks better stripped.

I've collected loads more & several are in various stages of construction.None have been left to dry for any significant length of time.My daughter wanted one made & painted pink which I've done.

Am I going to experience any problems with these as they age?

Should bark be off or on?


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No experience with willow myself but I've seen some lovely examples of peeled willow walking sticks right here. As for seasoning. The stick may have been there for awhile and I've always found the year plus to be more of a guideline. I usually only go a few months if I harvest in late fall or winter. And remember, a found stick is going to have less moisture than one just cut. But on the other hand... We are in near drought conditions in my area so I believe a cut stick in that condition will take a lot less time compared to one in a wet season, but I may be wrong about that. Anyway I'm rambling. Nice sticks!
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