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Aloha from the UK

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As is most likely obvious from this post, I am new to this forum. I am also relatively new to carving walking sticks, despite working with wood in the field of slingshots. I of course find woodcraft a fantastic hobby and pastime. Among a wide variety of hobbies and interests, walking, camping, woodcraft, bushcraft and hiking are all high up on the list. So, I guess, one of the best combinations for these is wood carving-especially walking sticks. I look forward to furthering my knowledge of walking sticks and extending my woodcrafting skills. I am possibly one of the younger members of the forum at 15, meaning I have very little knowledge or experience when it comes to walking sticks. I also hope I am an asset to the forum and look forward to seeing you all around the forum. Thanks for spending time to take a look, Ed :)
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Welcome Ed! Everybody's learning here! Looking forward to seeing what you have to share!

Just try not to make us "Oldsters" feel too old! :)
haha i will try, although you don't want to be too young-age is wisdom remember! ;)
by the way, some amazing work there, judging by your profile picture, clearly you are very skilled :)
Hello, and welcome.

I had many of the same hobbies as you at the same age. My stick craft at the time was minimal. Find a reasonably straight branch, preferably dead for a few months and dried. Cut w. hatchet, and whittle off rough ends and branches w. a pocket knife. Never bothered w. much carving or finishing, left them outside, and typically broke them after a few weeks in one manner or another. Hope you are a little more careful than I.

Learning to harvest good sticks is also great for camping. Learn some lashing, and you can make a hut frame, or a drying rack really quickly.
Welcome, and look forward to the sharing going both ways. We all can learn from each other, and no one knows everything. (even me, I know, hard to believe) :rolleyes:
Welcome Ed, look forward to seeing some of your sticks.
Thanks guys for the warm welcome, much appreciated :) , I had a crack at making a walking stick over the weekend and you can see it here...http://walkingstickforum.com/topic/304-my-weekend-project/
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