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Ancient Battle

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Hi, All,

Came across a recent article about a very ancient Bronze Age battle the happened near the Baltic sea, just about on the current border between Poland and Germany. Dates to about 3500 years ago. Called the Tollense Battle. Earlier than the Trojan war, and evidently an immense (for the time) conflict. Its believed that eventually 700 skeletons may be found, indicating perhaps 4000 warriors, or more. Surprisingly, they seem to have gathered from all over Europe. Many bronze weapons found, but many still of wood and stone. Among the clubs, one made of ash that looks quite like a baseball bat, and another made of blackthorn and having the shape of an Irish knob stick.

Remember to use your sticks just for walking.

More here for history buffs.
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Interesting ash and blackthorn surviving form 1200 BC.

Wonder if any of our sticks will be around that long?
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