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Photobucket.com has recently changed its terms of service for free users on their platform. As of June 20 images hosted by Photobucket and shared on our forum, or any other third party sites, will no longer appear. As a result, you may notice a higher amount of broken images on the forum.

If you do not have access to edit your older posts please contact an Administrator or Moderator for assistance. Please provide the new URL for the image that needs to be edited and a link to the thread the image in located in.

More information on the change and what it means for Photobucket users can be found below.

Photobucket Terms of Use http://photobucket.com/terms

Thank you

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Thank you.

I'm not certain I can go through and match photos to my old posts. I'll start trying to post some new how-to threads to make up for the lost info.

It's a shame Photobucket decided to retroactively block (more like hold hostage) their members' photos that they have been sharing online for years. It would have been far more acceptable if it only affected new photos that were added after that date.

They've damaged incredible amounts of data on forums like this one with that move.

I've removed all my photos from their site and hope everyone else will do the same.

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