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Are you thinking about being a stick and cane maker?
If your new to stick and cane making it is a lot like eating chips. It is hard to stop with just one!
As you look though the sight you will see a nice-looking walking stick or cane be as simple as finding a stick you like the looks of in the woods cleaning it up and applying a finish to protect it. Or be an elaborate carving of the sick and a topper to match. There are no real rules other than safety considerations. It is about the fun of doing it. You will find people will ask where you got it. they are grate for walking the dog or hiking a hill. You can make them as a gift or sell them. My grandkids all want a stick from granddad. Tools can be a simple as a wire brush to clean off a found stick. Some sandpaper and a brush to apply a finish. Or a shop dedicated to stick making. I stated with the wire brush and now have to many tools in the shop. While I enjoy the challenge of making some elaborate canes and walking sticks, my favorite ones are always the ones that nature made. I love the colors and natural shapes. There are some great how to books and you can find you tubes on sticks. If you have any questions post them In General Discussion area. My self or other members will try and answer them. I try to check the site once a day. Hope you will give it a try.
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