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With our Western Rocky Mountain trip closing in I thought I should get some of the pieces I have been working on done. I usually take several walking sticks with us in the motorhome when we travel to the National Parks & Forests. Last year every piece I brought with sold as well as a couple I made while we were traveling. Seems the folks that visit that part of the country like a handcrafted/carved hiking staff to take home as a souvenir. The " aspen twins" , upper one I call Hans and the lower one is Franz, I tried a little something different by painting the eyes. The stick was collected last year from a National Forest in Northern Utah. It was a special piece of wood that required a little something extra so I carved two spirits on it. The other two are local woods, sassafras & redbud, that I have posted pics of on here in various stages of completion. All three have a braided paracord lanyard and are finished with two coats of spar polyurethane. Thanks for looking.



1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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