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Autumn Olive Maybe?

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One morning this past week during her walk my lovely bride of 61+ years discovered a limb/branch/stick laying on the ground, a few feet off the paved path, which was almost taller and heavier than her. (That's partially true.) Regardless, she drug it home and I was not just delighted but also very thankful. It had been raining so I stuck it into the corner to let it dry out some and just yesterday (Sat) took a closer look. I told her I've seen that bark before . . . but had to do a search on my computer and found a bark quite similar and it appears to be Autumn Olive.

But I am not certain thus today's question.

Of this I am certain. a. It's 100% heavy duty, industrial strength. b. it already has a handle - I won't have to provide that! c. there are some beautiful grains under what bark I've been able to peel away...and info like that gets me up in the morning! and finally d. It's been run over and scarred by a lawn mower. A heavy duty, industrial strength lawn mower.

I am hoping that a. there will be even more beautiful grain patterns b. I can successfully salvage and use those scars << KEY issue and c. the finished product will be serviceable.

Now this.

I've been on my soapbox perhaps too often here regarding giving stuff away. So I'm not going to beat that drum any more. (Did I just hear a collective sigh of relief?)

During the past two weeks I've been in contact with a division of the Bethesda Navy Hospital that specializes in rehabilitation of our wounded service people, including amputees. If all goes as planned, this week I will mail to them a silver maple cane with a leather wrist strap for one of those marvelous young people. Further, I have another ready to ship but am waiting for confirmation.

And ever since yesterday, after peeling away some of the bark, cutting off both jagged ends with my miter saw and taking a close look at this chunk-o-wood, I've envisioned this being used some day by one of our heroes.

Now, I need your help . . . I have NO idea what tree this limb came from, therefore have no leaves or other means to help identify.

But there are ornamental Black Locust trees in the area.

Q: Does this sad stick look like either Autumn Olive or Black Locust to any of you? Or something else?

Thank you so much



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Olive is a great looking wood. One of the woods I love to use when turning pens.
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