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The previously posted Basset Hound is now finished as a interchangeable topper. Having made the earlier Spaniel topper to allow the Great Dane (cemented ears) topper to travel in luggage to the USA with daughter I decided after this success I looked at finishing the Basset this way - the problem I had with the topper was that there wasn't enough neck length to cut the peg for the collar to fit - thinking cap on - then decided to make the peg as an independent piece and bond it to the bottom of the topper with 2 part epoxy, wing nut and washer on the studding gave clamping for the two parts, when set added the collar and epoxied to the peg - success.

Head with peg attached Finger Wood Creative arts Gas Wool

The two toppers

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Dog Carnivore Liver Dog breed Companion dog


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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