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Beauty in the eye of the beholder

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Seems the forum is pretty quiet for the past few days. I'm not idle, don't suppose others are, either. Here's a tidbit.

I watched a couple of sycamores over the winter. They were starting to drop branches. As it happened, those that hit the ground were too rotted for use. Found one that was dead still on the tree, and not so high up I couldn't grab it. Curiously, the lower parts of the branch were larger than those farther up. I suppose the drought a couple of years ago pinched off the branch and so the extremity died.

Was able to cut off a couple of feet. I think the end might be thick enough for a handle grip, particularly if I insert a metal rod. The burls are extravagant. I have some other sycamore that is mostly straight, and hope to join it with this curious piece of wood.


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That will be a great topper, very unique. Nice finish should bring out those burls nicely.
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