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First post with one of my creation !
Here is a stick carved four years ago. It's one of my scout sticks, I've walked hundreds of miles with it !

Brown Amber Gold Wood Font

The pommel is in boxwood, the rest is in hazelwood.

I represented a small gothic architecture with columns and fleur-de-lis. On the four sides, there are important symbols for the scouts:

  • two crosses,
  • a shell which symbolizes the pilgrimage of saint jacques de compostelle,
  • the letter "Y" is not a letter but a representation of a forked stick. The forked stick is an important symbol for the rover scouts, maybe I will talk about it in another post.
The details are slightly lacking in smoothness and precision, but I am still happy with the overall look of the stick.

Plant Wood Branch World Twig


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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