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Bright Colors On Carved Snake Cane

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I carve lots of snakes on walking sticks and canes and I have always painted the snakes to look as life like as I possibly can, however a few months ago I had a request from a customer to create a carved snake cane, but paint the snake in very bright colors.

I put a picture of the cane with the bright painted snake and it has been a hit.

Since, then I have sold quite a few of the bright colored snakes. Most people don't care if there is a snake that's colored the color of the snake on the cane, they just think it's pretty.

Have you had anything simular happen?

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Your snake handling never ceases to amaze me! Great job!
Look great stixman. I just started on one of the curly sticks you sent. I am going to use a brass T handle. This will let me give the snake two heads one coming out either side of the handle. I hope looks like it is two headed.


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Sweet stick, stixman. That oughta go to someone in southern florida looks like a coral snake!
Strange what peolple like over here its birds / dogs /market sticks and thumb sticks, yet very few wood spirits and have never seen a snake ?

Not only is the sytles different they tend to be a smaller shank ,not many shanks over 1.25 inches .Yet the twist ed shanks are sought after but never seem to be decorated with anything just olied or varnished
........................... have never seen a snake...............
Here is a blog that members might enjoy:

I dont think people this side of the pond go for snakes , they ususall like birds, dogs mostly its british wildlife or horses .usually from the dog walking and riding community
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