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As reported here in April once I finished this gifted piece of Diamond Willow with the added Walnut handle (and coins) it became my 24/7 cane. If you have seen me since its completion you've seen it also. I love this cane.

You may recall I countersank two coins in the handle, i.e., one engraved #100 and the FDR Presidential Dollar. I chose that coin because he began his presidency in 1933, the year of my birth.

By the way, I don't mind at all when people ask about this cane and that happens - often.

We wanted to do some shopping at our local Lowe's Home Improvement Center then stop somewhere for some dinner late yesterday afternoon. After parking in one of the disabled spots we went inside and I was fortunate to find and use one of their newer carts. As always I put my cane inside the basket took a firm grip on the handle and away we went - first inside the store and then through the outdoor garden center where we bought a tray of Zenia's - which we hope to plant today.

On the way for dinner we decided to bring the plants home first so they wouldn't suffocate inside the hot car. Once that was accomplished and again I had parked at the disabled spot near where we wanted to eat I discovered my cane was missing.

Fortunately, I always have a spare cane inside the car for occasions such as that.

I took no more than two steps when I decided it was time to go looking for Cane #100 and decided I must return to Lowe's - maybe some Good Samaritan found it and turned it in.


Or maybe it's still inside the shopping cart parked outside.

Truthfully, I was not feeling good about the prospects of ever seeing my FAV cane again.

When we arrived at Lowe's - after searching the parking lot - I parked near the door while my beloved bride of 62+ years went inside to ask. Sure enough within just a few minutes out she came out with this - Cane #100 - Diamond Willow with walnut handle and coins.

Feeling very thankful there are still some honest people in this world and our area, I kissed her.

And my cane.



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