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Years ago my wife - with my approval - special ordered this china closet. (Pic 01) It has served us well but we did not realize back then how important it would be once we downsized.

Especially for cane display.


Yes, it's true. I made that first cane in June 2013 and decided afterward to take some pictures. I'm not certain, now, three years + later how or why I decided the china closet would work but now, more than 100 canes later, I'm glad I did. And I've followed that practice for every one of my canes . . . first horizontal then standing at the end, as you will see.

(You're taking notes, right?)

Pic 02 is Cane #1 which now belongs to my one and only son, sent to him in Jan 2015, with that china closet in the background.

In March of this year, just because I thought it might work, I ordered the 5-speed stick shift knob (Pic 3) from eBay and ever so often looked it over planning/thinking/wondering.

Last month while at the dermatologist to have something unwanted removed (don't ask) he asked if I would make him a cane. He had just looked over Cane #100 with great interest. I did not agree but said I would try. And within the past week or so came up with using that eBay knob. I established a ½" dowel would work as the connection between the knob and a Red Alder shank as shown in Pic 4.

Pic 5 - on and leaning against that same china closet - is "Stick Shift" Cane #102 - which I plan to give him next month.

If/when that happens that will be #71 given away.

And that gives me joy.


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