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Mid-July driving down a city street I noticed a pile of limbs laying along the curb and based on previous very similar experiences I knew they wouldn't be there for long. So I pulled over, got my long handled limb choppers out of the trunk and brought eight limbs home, two of them Red Maple.

Last month I decided it was time to see if maybe there might be a decent cane hiding in that pile. Lo and behold Stick A became Cane #84. Who would have guessed it? Now that it's finished maybe I'll take it back to the maple tree owner.

Then again maybe not.

Periodically, during the cane-making process, I "try them on" - and if it doesn't "feel right" I A. make the necessary changes or B. trash it. The narrow end of this stick pointed toward Vermont (I think) or some distant watering hole (perhaps) - regardless something was needed. So using my miter saw I cut it to length and added a 4" maple tip. It now feels right.

To me.

After adding the white maple knob for a handle I applied one coat walnut stain and then one coat each high gloss polyurethane and tung oil, giving it a shiny finish which I prefer.

It's approx 36" in length and bowed (like a bow) but very sturdy and solid.


ps - Isn't God good?!


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