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I was still in USAF basic training at Sampson AFB, Geneva NY when I first met Bob. He and I were close to the same age and we hit it off right away. However, over the years we lost contact until a month or so ago I did a search for his name on the internet and then sent a 1st class letter, saying that if he was not the same person, I apologize, but if indeed it was him I'd be delighted to make contact again.

What a wonderful surprise it was when within a few days he called from Dallas and we almost picked up where we left off 60 years before.

Since he's also almost older than dirt I felt he might, if not immediately, in the future appreciate a hand made cane. I didn't take long to establish this cane was for him for many good reasons.

It was laying on the ground, half rotted away, under a sugar maple tree within a mile from where I'm sitting. It's one of those sticks I'm thankful I found and salvaged.

I brought it home and worked many, many hours on it - because it was worth it.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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