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Hi, thanks for the story. The first time I drove thru Penn. was during deer season. I was surprised at how many hunters I glimpsed in the hills as I drove down the highway. Good you found a stick to help you home, and curious how the memory came back when you found it.

My 1st "official" stick also got me thru a problem. Here's how I came by the stick.

I had always used my work vacation time to take long hikes. Typically, I would drop at least 10 pounds over 2 weeks. But the situation at work became ever busier, and tho' I had many weeks of vacation time, I could rarely get more than 3 days in a row. So I ended up carrying more weight than was good. I was determined to sweat some off, and so I headed out into a state park on a day when the temp was in the high 90s, as was the humidity.

About a mile into the woods, I felt pretty happy that the sweat was clouding my eyes. Eventually, I was in an old 2nd growth grove, and tho the shade was almost complete, it was like a steam room. I noticed that the stream bed by the trail was dry, and decided to go into a portion of the woods that had not had an open trail for at least 10 years. For this area, it was hilly. Lots of 20' ravines, and there were many downed trees to climb.

As I climbed over on tree, I turned my ankle, and wrenched the bad knee above it. I found myself flailing around, and realized I was becoming dizzy and my heart was racing.

"Good work," I thought to myself "off the trail, half way to heat stroke, no water, and you can't walk."

But happenstance helped me. Thew huge old fallen beech that I had stumbled over had taken down a young straight beech. The thin trunk was clear of branches for the first 8'. I was able to snap off the portion where the branches were. I ended up bashing the lower portion against another tree to break off a useable length. That was just the support I needed to make it back to my car.

I kept the stick. Eventually the end where I had whacked it began to split. I stripped some of the bark, filled the crack w. white glue, carved the end into a knob, and wrapped wire under the knob to give the wood some support. After a few months of keeping that w. me, I decided that it would be good to make one that was a little stronger, and easier to hold.

Here's a shot of my trusty beater.

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