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A couple of years ago, I bought a carbide coated rasp that was a close out. I wish I had bought several in different sizes and grits, because the one I have has given me lots of good use.

So while I was searching around for similar products, I came across a company called Dura-GRIT. Last week, having a little spare cash, and noticing that they had items on sale, I bought 4 of their sanding blocks, one of each grit, ranging from 60 to 150 grit.

I don't know yet if they will last "hundreds of times longer than ordinary sandpaper." So far, they have made quick work of removing bark, and producing a medium smooth surface. They are a little large for stick work, I suspect that the hand flat sanding tools might have been a better choice. But I'm reasonably pleased, and do expect that it will reduce the numbers of sheets and bits of sand paper that fill up half a drawer.
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