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Carving Shows

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Check your area, this time of year and in the spring there are carving shows in many areas.
For those in the area there are some carving shows coming up in Ohio. The first is Sauder Village, in Archbold, OH, October 25 &26. The other show is Artistry in Wood, sponsored by the Dayton Carvers Guild, November 8 & 9, at the Dayton airport convention center. Dayton is the BIG show.

Shows are great to see what others are doing. Many times there are venders with tools and wood. At some there a seminars. Some are one day other are a week. Check out your area. I hope those in other countries will check to see what may be nere them. This is a good list in the US but there may be ones not listed in your area too.
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I usually try to go to woodworking shows/ demonstrations but few and far between its the traveling distance for me .I hate driving .

would recomed shows always some good demos and oftern good offers to buy some thing you dont really need.
The Duneland Woodcarver's Club puts on a nice show here in NW Indiana, but it's not till spring. I will see if the "carving bride" would like to spend a couple days in Dayton to check out the show.
Heading off to Dayton Ohio for the Artistry in Wood show. Wife and I are really looking forward to this weekend as we didn't make a fall trip with our camper.
Have a great trip. I would have love to been able to go. From what I have heard it is a great show.
Back from the Dayton Show and all I can say is WOW!. Over 300 exhibiters and a dozen vendors.

Santa was BIG at the show, from a carved stump to the top of a clothes pin and every size and shape in between. Some of the other carvings ran from walking sticks and canes, to wood spirits, cowboys, native Americans, soldiers, sailors, animals, birds, winter scenes, turned bowels, handcrafted cedar chests, carved gunstocks, pencils, thread spools, paint brush handles, popsicle sticks and on and on.....

My wallet is quite a bit lighter as well. Bought a Nibsburner, the Red Hot model, a Helvie detail knife, a couple Ramulson gouges, a set of diamond rifflers and a stock of Heinecke basswood.

If anyone ever gets the opportunity to take in this show I strongly recommend it.

Thanks for the heads up CV3!

Could see some of the show on face book. Looked like a great time was being had be all.
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