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Hello again,

Now a little about myself. I'm a career fireman that retired 3 years ago after 25 years in the Orlando fire department. I had a great run and came away without any serious injuries. I was on the dive rescue team for 19 years and also spent the majority of my career on "truck companies". I love the sound of breaking glass, especially when I'm getting paid to break it!!
My moniker speaks of the gene pool that I'm from. It doesn't have anything to do with me religiously, although I have been to Valhalla! (a cave in Alabama, any other vertical cavers?) http://www.scci.org/preserves/valhalla/
My paternal family ancestors were river people. When they came to North America they lived in the lower Hudson River area originally and then later in the 1000 Islands area of the St. Lawrence river. My grandfather was born on Wellesley Island in 1906 before such a thing as powerboats.
I found this forum recently when google searching "self defense with a walking stick". I have always loved hiking and with a renewed interest I'm looking at non-lethal self defense...

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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