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Chainsaw Carving

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The old Maple tree in a friends yard needed cutting, so I thought it would make a great chainsaw carving.

What do you think?


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I like the carving! Is that a dog or pet porcupine on top. :)
I know he's kinda funny looking, but that's my dog.
Pretty good. I like the contrast between the rather narrow lines, and the broader shaped areas. Considering the glove I have to wear doing hand carving, I suppose I'd need armor to do chainsaw work.

Seeing your work reminded me of of a place where I live. Somebody has been working on trunks around a commercial property for several years. Some truly amazing sculpture. Hugging bears, a huge eagle, 6' tall indian head w. full bonnet. The biggest has been underway for several years. Its the trunk and major branches of a tree, w. the highest parts up at least to 20'. Each branch is being turned unto a huge serpent, or fantastical creature.

So yesterday I started googling around, and found there was a local chapter of a national chainsaw carvers association. Perhaps what I mentioned is their work. I suppose one needs to wear ear protection to chapter meetings.
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That's great, a great conversation piece, and a good use of a tree that would otherwise just disappear!

My neighbor cut down a very large cedar two years ago and hired a local chainsaw carver who does them all around the Tulsa area for a living. It's a wolf, howling - at the moon I suppose. It also makes an attractive addition to the neighborhood.

Trees do eventually become so diseased or damaged that they can't survive, just like us. I like to see them put to good use like that.
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