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charity shop book

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Walking past a charity shop today saw a book in the window called "carving finger puppets and cane toppers" published by "woodcarving illusrated books"

had to purchase it well for 5o pence didnt expect a lot

but the are 2o projects in there based on carving bass wood eggs ,Never seen them but there based on the hen and goose eggs ,and mostly for walking sticks

There more whimsical than real but over all the anyone begining carving may find them fun.

There are cane toppers / wine stoppers and finger puppets ,but i suppose anyone wanting to use the off cuts of lime (bass wood) could use the templates

Some of the carvings are good and a fun way of using scrap wood
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These two books are also good for patterns. The carving wildfowl book also has good tutorials. power carving. Bird Vertebrate Organism Mammal Beak
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have to agree the 1st book useful.not seen the 2nd one

heres a couple of books if i have mentioned them before you will have to forgive me and put it down to a senior moment

the finger puppets i have mentioned,both of the 1st pics may be more suited for the american market but a good way of using off cuts of wood

the next 2 books both have patterns in with lots of useful info but tend to deal with the whols birds .a good source of informatiom

the 3rd books are also good but a lot of the same information is covered but useful for patterns they also cover woodburning and painting techniques and cover the habitat of birds

but all are useful for toppers Its oftern a cheaper way to buy books than to buy patterns provided of coarse there useful to you

Vertebrate Publication Book Organism Adaptation
Bird Publication Book Organism Beak
Bird Beak Organism Book Publication


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