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If you have a desire to brighten some little kid's Christmas, table saw and slider miter saw available I highly recommend:

1) Make contact via your local Toys 4 Tots Foundation chair person, i.e., http://www.toysfortots.org/default.aspx and ask if they are interested in simple wood blocks of various sizes.

2) contact a local retail shoe store, i.e., Red Wing Shoes, New Balance, etc., and ask if they would be willing to donate empty shoe boxes rather than throw them in the dumpster.

3) purchase/obtain 1x2's, 1x4's 1x6's and 2x4's and cut them into blocks then sand them smooth.

This is box #2 of nine I hope to have ready this weekend, plus even more between now and Christmas.

Our local Toys 4 Tots said they distributed free toys to more than 3500 families in our county last Christmas. I want to be a part of this year's Christmas joy, giving away simple wood blocks, for little hands and expanding minds.

No batteries required.

Do you?


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We live in a town of less than 20,000 and yesterday morning, needing to do some local errands, a local policeman drove past our street just as I was leaving. Since I needed to go that direction anyway, I followed him and noted the light at the next intersection turned, so he stopped. I pulled up alongside him, rolled down my window and waved. And this conversation followed:

neb: Good morning, sir, do you have a minute or two to spare right now?

cop: Yes, sir, how can I help you?

neb: If you will follow me into the bank parking lot I want to make you an offer you can refuse and give you something.

He smiled and agreed to follow me.

After he had parked beside me I got out, grabbed that ever-present-box-o-blocks in the back seat, opened it, and asked, "Can you use this? For your own family or for some little kid in need?

He immediately agreed and allowed me to take this picture.

The conversation drifted to other subjects and later I regretted not even asking his name.

But since he followed me into that parking lot I bet he already knew my name, address, social security number, date of birth, and that the wart at the base of my right thumb is benign.

Regardless that was fun.

I need to make more and get them into the back seat of the car.


Q: Have you given yourself away lately?

Try it.

It's FUN!


ps - Isn't God good?!


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