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cow horn

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Shopping around for cows horn for project

hopefully some one here will be able to give some advice.

My intention is to mount cow norn and engrave it , simullar to scrimshaws work(engraved whale bones). whale bone etc to difficult to get to many restrictions world wide even for dead beached whales)

I want to try and stain a celtic design engraved horn with colour ?

No idead what stains to use .Obtaining horn is no problem.but cannot find any info on this yet,(prob. not looking in the right place)

But with the amoubt of cattle over there it must be used in the arts and craft movment so any help would be helpful

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The only time I saw anyone practice scrimshaw was a fellow that used deer antler. He just painted india ink over the carved surface, and lightly polished off the excess. I don't recall if he sealed the surface. I would suppose that any lightfast ink would work.
Up and about eh RAD hope your on the mend

Probabley just iching to do something i bet, that would be something you shouldnt be doing?

Anyway thanks for the post had the basic idea of shaping the horn wasnt sure if it would carve with a rotary tool.

Has seen some work done with this but no experiance myself

I do have a shape i want and also some celtic designs in mind think its just a case of suck it and see

How it would look mounted on a hiking poles is another thing ,will have to use medeling clay 1st i think to check the balance of it.
I've made several powderhorns with scrimshaw. The only one I ever did with color was a black horn with green celtic design. For the green I used artists oil paint. It takes some time to dry since it's an oil paint. I didn't put any sealer over it but you may want to if it's going to get a lot of wear. All the others were on white horn with black india ink.


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Thats a nice piece of work and well designed

I assume you used a rotary tool with diamond cutters for the engraving?

Or did you just paint on the oil.

the design is crisp clean nice one
No rotary tools. All hand work and tedious! I had an old needle file that I broke the handle off of, good hard steel. I sharpened a point on it and attached a wood handle. It's about the size of a pencil. So I draw the design on the horn in pencil and then scratch the design in with the sharp steel point. Then I rubbed in the oil paint and rubbed off any excess. So after you rub off the excess the paint remains in the scratches. Straight green was too dark so I blended it with white paint to make it a lighter color. Came out pretty good. I got real interested in celtic knotwork designs. It's a blend of my own designs plus some stuff from the book of kells. So if you're looking to color your scrimshaw the oil paint works pretty good. Just use regular artists paints in the tubes like you find at a crafts store. A guy wanted me to make that for him but he never came back for it so I still have it :D

I like your dodo bird, that's a good carving!
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