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English sycamore appears to have a somewhat different bark than American. American sycamore starts out looking white. Actually its a pale powder that is on top of an olive green layer. As the bark ages, it begins forming papery flakes that are tan colored, the reddish brown, the brown and coarse. All layers of the bark are rather spongy.

The thick brown stuff is fairly easy to remove. The thiner flaky stuff can sometimes be rubbed away w. ones hand. I've put varnish over some base layers a few yeas ago. W. age, the whiteness and greens is gone. The color is a nice medium brown, and appears leather-like. No sign of peeling yet.

American sycamore forms many clusters of side branches, which fall away as the main branch grows, leaving bark covered bumps. Those ere usually rotten inside. In a few pieces, once I had cut away the rotted material, I had gaps so large that I needed to fill them in. Along w. basic wood filler, I've tried bits of polished stone, or lumps of brighter, denser woods, both fixed in place by resin. But in a few cases I discovered too much rot. You wood may be different, but if you have side lumps, try probing them with a think pick of tiny screwdriver.

Tho' it can de a lot of work, the sycamore grain is often very sinuous, and its work sanding it smooth to show the convoluted lines.
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