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Decoy Patterns

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for those who are interested in toppers

one off the easiest things to carve is the duck

A bargain buy at 50pence

Found a book in a charity shop called "Decoy Pattern Book" by Keith Bridehagen and has patterns for nearly all the north American ducks .

the book seems to be well regarded in decoy circles ,it has the full pattern for some 20 diving ducks , 18 dabbling ducks and 10 other popular birds.

It gives the complete pattern for the ducks including the top view ,which is handy ,All the patterns have measurement's on including eye colour and size. Patterns are life size

The book itself isn't of a very good quality only black and white photos and some of the pages have come out of the binding, but for 50 pence I don't expect a lot .But the patterns are worth it I can just photo copy them and stick them onto wood.

Generally I draw my own patterns ,I think it often helps understand the carving process. Its just a pity I am not familiar with all the birds so would need to get colour pics of the web for painting before I mount them onto a stick.

For a book of patterns containing 48 different ducks/ birds its a snip. Some of the patterns show the birds heads in several positions such as alert/ asleep and calling

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Nice looking patterns. I will have to look for it. I have a book that was my grandfathers. No patterns but grate drawings and pictures. I have printed and enlarged some of the drawings to make a patter.

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I have not yet carved a duck topper but done 1 Swan, its one of the things to do on a ever increasing list.
The male wood duck would make for an interesting project, Cobalt. The colors of the bird are eye popping.
if anyone is interested in a pattern I am willing to email you one as long as I have one
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