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design elements

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To me I have to design what and how I design a topper to the stick

A lot of people keep the design in there heads and unleash it as they work on it.

I have to draw my design's for me it saves wasting wood/rams water buffalo horn and allows me to explore shape more as 9 times out of 10 I redraw them.

I always make a template of the final design and save them its a bit of a bulky way of saving stuff

At the moment I am trying to design horoscope signs and witches ring to place on the shank like a badge.

Some ideas I like but don't seem to get the shape quite right so its why I have t draw them as they ill be carved from rams or water buffalo horn .I am contemplating using copper its easy to work and chase the design into it.

Most of the original designs came from web pages as reference material and have started to modify/ change then to suit my needs

What I do at the end of this is a matter impulse for what I like ,but all the drawings eventfully may be redone then made


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I haven't done much figural carving so far on my sticks. In part, that's because I'm often using woods that are hard to carve, and often have very irregular grain.

However, here are some practices I have. I don't draw much any more, although I used to do portraits, etc. What I do now mostly is I take pictures of the stick I have. Then I go thru various digital source photos, and pic out ones that seem to have the most salient characteristics. For instance, I tried a barn owl some time ago, and of the 3 dozen or so pics I found on the web, there were a few good profiles and full faces.

I transfer those to a paint program, and trace over the features I want. I make a series of guide lines so I now how various features line up, and what sort of area ratios I have. Then I take the line drawing, and superimpose that on my stick pictures. I squash or stretch the drawing, if need be, to fit better on the stick. Printout the adjusted line drawing, and wrap the paper around the stick, and scribe the lines onto the wood.

Something like this: Hair Nose Head Hand Eyebrow

Then, fingers crossed, I start carving, hoping that I don't run into a concealed knot. Or more commonly, I don't get a chip out that messes up the work too much. The barn owl head I mentioned split, and a cobra head snapped off when I dropped the stick on my concrete flooe.


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