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Back in November I upgraded my lathe (bigger, better and faster -- along with more bells and whistles). I had been saving a really nice piece of walnut - 3x3x42" to make a cane. At Christmas time I finally got to work on it ----as I was nearing the end, sanding it at about 3000 rpm's (way too fast) --- it started to shake and make noise and I ducked just in time as it came loose and shot just over my head and struck the wall some 28 foot away! Unfortunately it split! I'm not sure if the falt was already in the wood or I put it there! Two good things: I was undamaged, and I had to buy a Oneway spindle steady. Only the second time in 40 years of lathe work that I've lost something off the lathe! Too fast!!!!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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