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There are may ways to approach a carving project. This is just my way to on this project. Hope it will be of some help if you have questions of how to start and work though a project. I am as always also open to suggestions .

I have chosen to go with the butternut for this project. Mostly because of the grain in the block of wood I have. I am stating with 2 ½"x 2 ½"x 8" block of butternut. This block of wood is a center cut and the grain is very uniform.

Hand Finger Wood Ruler Natural material

To take advantage of the grain I will center the carving. My first cut will be to rip cut a little over 3/8" on both sides .

Wood Rectangle Flooring Floor Creative arts

Then cut out the basic shape of the topper.Once I make the side cuts I may adjust the final outline cut a little..

Wood Rectangle Hardwood Wood stain Flooring


1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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