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Finally had some warm enough days to get into the shop, just finished up this one. It's1st time I have had an opportunity to work on something that wasn't Christmas oriented since early November.

Most, if not all of my sticks lean toward the rustic and this piece is no exception The T handle is made from black walnut, a tough wood to carve but the wood is beautiful when finished in anything with an oil base. The shank is a shag bark hickory sapling. The stick is finished in 3 coats of Danish Oil and as I didn't like the lack of sheen, even after vigorous buffing and burnishing, a final coat of oil based spar poly. The handle has a 4 stand paracord lanyard, moss, green and brown, with wood craft beads to dress the tag ends.

I have an aversion for cutting down the slow growing hardwoods like oak, hickory, ash & walnut but fortunately for me, unfortunately for the urban forests of the area, the housing developers seem to think a wooded lot is a hindrance and they basically bulldoze large areas of woods to build homes. I keep tabs on piles they leave and "rescue" what I can before they bring in the chippers. This stick is a result of those efforts. Wood Plant Trunk Terrestrial plant Beak
Insect Arthropod Wood Beetle Pest
Plant Wood Tree Twig Trunk
Wood Trunk Fawn Plant Grass
Fun piece to make.

Thanks for lookin'



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Sweet looking stick, Mark. I found a standing dead shagbark once and cut it into turning blanks for vases. Nice stuff which came up to a beautiful finish, but dulled my tools like crazy.
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