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Early 4th of July Celebrations

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Maybe I'm starting to get a bit more crotchety as I get older.

I am starting to dislike this country's mid summer birthday bash or more precisely, around here the week leading up to and the week after the 4th. Indiana is one of the state's with "legal" fireworks sales and my neighbors definitely take full advantage of their right to purchase and use them. I'm not anti fireworks or anti fun, but when do my rights to a get good night's sleep kick in? The folks around here start blowing stuff up at least a week before the holiday and continue thereafter for at least another week or so. We are not talking firecrackers or bottle rockets either. We are talking the big stuff M-80s, sky mortars the whole 9 yards, sounds like artillery some nights. Somebody around this neighborhood here has been lighting off something that rattles the windows and shakes the whole house. Right now one of those multi whistling and exploding rocket things is going off two doors down!! :angry:

Off my soap box now thanks for the opportunity to vent, I feel better already!
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Well we are also going to a 4th of july party on friday its just a folk dance but people are dressing up with the american flag and abrahams top hat etc.My wife has made a top from a couple of scarfs that has been printed with your flag on

But no fireworks jus homemade treats that evryone brings and lots of dancing .Usually a fun friendly night

Pleased your of the soap box but welcome to the grumpy old men club lol
They sell fireworks in the county but not in the city limits. And it is illegal to use the fire works in the city limits. That just means the city will sounds like a war zone for the next few days. We have a park near our house and it is firework central for all those illegal fireworks.
WOW! Whatever that explosion was it set off two car alarms on the block!

I imagine the local ER is going to get busy the next few days.
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