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Extend the length of a cane

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Hi everyone.

I'm a tall guy and I find that I like a cane length to be about 39"-40". I have a regular oak cane that I want to refinish but I will also have to make about 4" longer. Any suggestions how to do this? I only have regular hand tools, no drill press and such.
Thanks in advance for the help.
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If you don't care much about looks, I suppose you could whittle down about an 1.5" of the bottom of the oak, making something shaped like a funnel. Get a piece of tubing. Plastic, metal, whatever you might find that will accept the funnel and which will be about the same diameter as the existing stick. Coat the funnel with some epoxy putty, and push into the tube. Trim excess putty. Wait till dry, and then coat the addition w. some enamel paint whose color works either with the oak shaft or the original end piece.

Maybe else, buy a piece of hard wood dowel that comes close to matching the oak cane in diameter. Hand carve a lap joint out of the cane and dowel piece, at least an inch long. Glue, and fix w. 2 small brads along the length.
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