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A friend asked me to do a couple of sticks , so have been trying to find time to get back into the workshop been to busy at the moment to do anything. Who said being retired is relaxing he is wrong busyer than ever.

been asked for a falcon hiking pole and a swan stick along with a dolphin walking stick so a quick drawing of the items before I start ,

Getting the transition from topper to shank has to be right for the falcon , birds like water fowl are easy to get right with there long necks but birds of prey isn't so easy to get a good transition , so as usual the drawing helps. It makes work but its worth the effort to try and get it right hate just carving it and find I'm not satisfied with the result it saves time and wood and losing my rag with them.

so may go with these

been itching to get back into the workshop

Bird Blue Beak Organism Painting
Bird Vertebrate White Beak Blue
Plant Twig Art Wood Painting


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Good Morning Dennis, I am also working on a Peregrine when I can spend time on it (too many requests

although someone someone is interested in this and he has only seen the blank). I have used draughtsmans license and made my normal long smooth transition.

Bird Beak Wood Artifact Fawn
Human body Wood Finger Ingredient Shipping box


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That kind of realistic carving is way beyond my skills.

Its surprising what you can achieve with practice, look at your avatar thats well spotted and a good looking beak so start the journey doing stylised carvings,oops you have already started, well done.
Hi, I use google images as a base to start from for subject views always plenty there. who's your supplier of your Lime ?
It happens to all of us. one colliie topper dropped when fitted to shank, broke both ears , rebuilt the ends using apoxy sculp (a better form of Milliput).

With the beak I would probably taken the plunge and cut the whole beak out and used a ram's horn insert to prevent future breakage.

On a pheasant beak I did a while ago I pre-empted breakage by drilling a !mm hole down the beak from the tip and glued a length of piano wire in to just below the surface and finished with plastic wood.
Repair looks good, the big problem with wooden beaks on a bird of prey is the sharp point at the tip of the upper mandible so prone to later breaking off, one of my friends who does these type of birds gives the beak a few coats of super glue allowing each coat to soak in to add strength.

For interest here are the pic's I took( with consent) of one of his stick toppers

Bird Eye Accipitridae Beak Falcon
Wood Pollinator Pattern Symmetry Trunk
Head Eye Bird Beak Human body

Hair Watch Picture frame Wood Gesture
Plant Lighting Wood Building Feather


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I will try your idea when i come to finally shape the beak .Probaly leave that part to last .

Pictures look good

handy referance material .
Good morning, raining here in brid, re the use of superglue, see Tom's Tips in April's (No 127) Stickmaker good article.
Looking good Dennis, re plugging the hole and re doing been there myself infuriating result for a lack of concentration. Looking forward to the finished collection.
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