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A friend asked me to do a couple of sticks , so have been trying to find time to get back into the workshop been to busy at the moment to do anything. Who said being retired is relaxing he is wrong busyer than ever.

been asked for a falcon hiking pole and a swan stick along with a dolphin walking stick so a quick drawing of the items before I start ,

Getting the transition from topper to shank has to be right for the falcon , birds like water fowl are easy to get right with there long necks but birds of prey isn't so easy to get a good transition , so as usual the drawing helps. It makes work but its worth the effort to try and get it right hate just carving it and find I'm not satisfied with the result it saves time and wood and losing my rag with them.

so may go with these

been itching to get back into the workshop

Bird Blue Beak Organism Painting
Bird Vertebrate White Beak Blue
Plant Twig Art Wood Painting


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That kind of realistic carving is way beyond my skills.

If you're painting it I don't think the repair will matter. It will be covered anyway.

1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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