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I've pretty much stayed out of this one because of the heat the subject seems to generate! For me, I live in a safe, tranquil, beautiful part of our great country! That being said -- I have the right and even the obligation to protect my family -- and if the need arose I would do so even at the cost of my own life!

I'm also a hunter and enjoy the shooting sports, but turning a weapon on another human being would be the absolutely last resort -- I would probably hesitate too long and suffer for it! Thankfully, the odds of that ever happening are almost 0%. I'm not the violent type, but I do enjoy collecting weapons of various kinds, also making them -- and I have some unique ones.

In my opinion -- when it comes to fighting sticks -- a simple hooked, solid oak cane is the most effective for defence. If I was confronted on the street by a thug who wanted my wallet I would give them my wallet! If I was confronted on the street by someone wanting my life, I would make them pay for it as dearly as possible -- trained or not! I would rather try than not try at all.

Well, I've probably said too much! And that probably happened in the first sentence! Sorry!
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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