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So, I'm working on a shillelagh-type cane and its made from a short cypress ornamental shrub. It died and I was able to harvest it pretty quickly before it started to rot, but the roots went first and a little hole opened up in what will now be the top of the cane. It seems stable, and it's not very large, maybe 1/8" x 3/16th and maybe 1/2" deep. I've scraped it out on the inside and I would like to fill it with something that will remain clear, and yet will move with the wood as it expands and contracts. Ideal would be something I could smooth and sand level with the rest of the wood.

I've heard of these rubberized super glues that supposedly have a small amount of flex. I'm not sure about epoxy as I've not used it much, and never on wood.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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My gut feeling is that epoxy has little plasticity, but it is clear. Sorry I have no first hand knowledge. Do you have a Rockler or Woodcraft store nearby? They are pricy but they usually have knowledgable sales people.

None of the structural epoxy that I have purchased at Woodcraft has fractured, but the history is limited to less than a year, mostly embedding pins into slingshots and more recently sticks.
I agree... epoxy is best, although there is flexible CA glue available.
AAAndrew--- let us know what you decide & show pictures!!! :)
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