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Hi, all.

I have some yew that I've been working with the last year. It is a beautifully figured wood, very lustrous when finished. Tough to carve, and the fibers are prone to tear out at the finest detail. What I'm showing here is a sample of the shine it can take just from very fine sanding.

When I started, the end of the stick was to be a cobra head. I carved a little too much away, and when I dropped it during a sub-freezing day, the head snapped off. So I'm just smoothing off the end, and hope to inset a bit of lapis lazuli in the hollow.

1st pic. The pic is made by a very inexpensive Canon digital camera. It was set to close-up mode, and auto flash. The image is the end rasped and scraped.

Human body Wood Nail Tints and shades Hardwood

2nd pic. Much the same view, same camera settings. Early morning bright sun. The wood has been sanded down from 350 grit to approximately 1350 grit using a 3M "microfine" sanding pad.

Natural material Wood Varnish Hardwood Peach

As you can see, very nice and glossy, which is in part due to the yew's tight grain and waxy water repellant nature.

The last shot is to show how the automatic camera setting happen to alter the color representation. All 3 shots were taken within 1 minute of each other, same camera setting, and very close to the same focal distance. The light was daylight, slightly overcast, and from the north. The only difference was the backdrop material.

The dimple on the end is about 1 cm long

Wood Wood stain Hardwood Natural material Tree

To the left, background is a piece of common particle board. Center, a blue rubber foam pad. Right, a sheet of copier paper. An element of both accuracy and inaccuracy in all.


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