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First time to use linseed oil

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This is my first time using boiled linseed oil for a finish I've done put one coat on waited 20 minuets and wiped off the access and put it up to finish drying how often can I put another coat and how many will be enough?
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Generally I dry the sticks for at least a day before putting on another coat. I find 3 coats is the most I need.
Yaxely is right on the button with the BLO.

I sometimes add a bit of oil based stain to the BLO to add some color to woods that don't darken naturally with oil alone. After the BLO dries for several days I usually put a spar polyurethane finish on the stick to help protect during use.
Thanks guys for the advice I was thinking the same thing just wanted to be sure.
Randyl476 remember our humidity down here can add to the drying time. If after 24 hours it is still a bit tacky give it another day with some time in the sun.
You are right CV3 about the humidity I'm going to put another coat on tonight when I get off work and let them hang it my shed it gets hot in there in the day time even hotter up stairs.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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