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Since it's almost Christmas - where has this year gone, eh? - could I please encourage you to give a part of yourself away to someone in need? Just take one of those finished sticks or canes to a local Salvation Army, or Goodwill Store - or wherever - and give it away - no strings attached. Chances are someone who needs it will buy it for $3.00 or whatever.

Brighten someone's life - help someone in need - this Christmas.

Do I practice what I preach? You betcha - in addition to 13 canes I've given away this calendar year, yesterday I delivered three boxes of misc size/shape wood blocks - to the pediatric dept of a local hospital - for kids to play with as they recuperate and then take home. That's 49 boxes thus far this year and I've got five more in the car - ready. If that hosp needs more, they will call and I'm ready.

Have some FUN this Christmas - give yourself away.


ps - Isn't God good?!


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Saw this, I know it's an old post, but I thought i'd comment, and rekindle the thought.

Yup, you can donate in more ways than you think.
Sometimes you can donate a skill, even when you are retired.

Tina and I have lived here in the community for a quarter century. Volunteered here for years.

Four years with the rescue squad as EMTs

A long time as friends of the nearby state park... teaching classes in skills we knew (kayaking skills, fly tying, fly casting..)

Started a local chapter of a veterans charity, taking vets kayak fishing... ran that for years...

Worked with the fly fishing charity at the va, teaching tying and casting...

When we ran our charity we needed an accountant, and helping hands, people who could smile and enjoy the day with the vets.


One of the people you help, could be yourself.
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