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A few pics. of a chap shaping goats horn. It was a new material for him to use .Ihave never seen it done or seen a crook made from it.

He is making a ladies crook , i think, not a lot of material to play with

Th horn which is hollow has a a dowel pushed into the center of the horn very firmly to prvent the horn from buckling in on its self causing a fold

the alloy press fixture is placed in a metal frame and forced to close using a 6ton trolley jack

Its the same process used to bend rams horn but mor difficult i assume due to the lack of material in the horn

Pneumatic tool Wood Automotive tire Water bottle Fender
The horn being heated with the heat gun

Wood Gas Auto part Circle Adhesive
the type of press used

Fluid Wood Gas Composite material Machine
the press in a closed position

Wood Gas Ceiling Hardwood Wood stain
the horn inserted into the press

Bicycle part Tool Electrical wiring Cable Engineering
heating the horn and pressing using a 6 ton trolley jack

Wood Gas Ceiling Hardwood Wood stain

Wood Gas Art Machine Metal
adding adjustable screw ring to prevent the horn from buckling

Pipeline transport Wood Gas Plumbing Plumbing fitting
pressing a inch at a time

Wood Insect Hardwood Plumbing Gas
At this stage a inch gap is left to keep the traight edge when the horn is curved. This will be filed later

Wood Gas Pipe Metal Art
The rest of the horn is pressed round .this takes about 4 hours as each time the horn is pressed its left to cool for a few mins pushed another inch into the press and reheated for every inch. This was as much as could be done in a 4hour session

. hopeing to get more pics. at the next workshop


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