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Good defense crook cane

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I know this is not really of interest here. I use my cane for self defense. For the longest time I use the fiber filled nylon cane. But lately, I experimented with Hickory cane:
Crook Cane - Hickory

I bought 3, It's about 17.5oz after cutting to 33" long. It is HARD, I can feel it when I hit my calf with it that it hit harder than the nylon cane. So far, it seems it can hold up. So just in case someone need one like this, something to look at.
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Hickory and Ash both make good axe handles and also make good canes that don't break.
I got a good Ash cane at Tractor supply. They are made for herding cattle in feed lots. So they are plenty long.
I have swung these canes at a heavy bag without breaking. So you might look into these. DR
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Sorry I did not see this earlier, But Straight grain Hickory seems to hold up best. I have a 1" hickory cane that I have been wailing on the heavy bag for a couple years now without any damage. The trick is to keep it oiled and the moisture sealed in. When it gets beat up I recoat it with Boiled Linseed Oil.
I also have an ash bent cane that has held up to anything I have done to it. [ But I have not used it in workouts].
Here's a good site for SD canes and sticks.

Self-Defense Canes | Self Defense Walking Cane | Cane Masters
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