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Just got two new palm tools from Old Stump Knives. Brandant R. makes the knives and palm tools. I am a big fan of his knives, I have 3 that are my go to blades. I have been wanting some thumb nail edge tool but did not want to grind my good flat edge tools. I ask Brandant and he said he would be glad to make one. I got two gouges, a 3/8th #5 and a 1/2 #7. They came today . I just spent an hour in the shop cleaning up and shaping some faces on some walking sticks I had started. I hardly had to pick up another tool. Not having to worry about the edge of the tool digging into the work. I could move around in areas I would have never tried to use a regular gouge. Really pleased with this investment. And as always they came razor sharp and ready to work.


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